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About Myself

HTML, CSS, C#, some JavaScript, and some SQL - This is just start of what I plan to know. I feel as someone who started younger then most at learning development I have a slight upperhand since I will be able to learn more throughout my career then someone who started later on in life. More languages I plan to learn in the future is PHP, Python, and more of SQL

Starting out: Web Developer, Front-end Developer, or Junior Full-Stack Developer.
In the futrue: Senior Full Stack Developer, Chief Technology Officer, Chief Executive Officer
- As someone who is very entrepreneuerial I feel the best thing for me is to work at a company that has the opportunity for me to move up in and one day become an executive. Working at major fortune 500 companies is great but what ultimately drives me is to build companies myself. So starting out at a comapny doing web development would be great for me, then later on I can focus on becoming more of an influential role in that company such as an executive officer.

I really find it enjoying to learn about common web vulnerabilities and how they happen and can be prevented, this way ensuring any of my own applications are built to be secure and run effieciently. Outside of tech I love to watch and play sports. My favorites to watch are soccer and football. I occasionally like to play soccer with some of my teammates from high school.

My Experience

I've been using webflow for years, it's such a unique platform to build and create any website possible. You can literally create a website with all the powers of code without writing any. No other platforms can do such a thing without building templates. Webflow however is not easy, it took me about 1.5 years to learn and fully understand the platform and become confident in building websites using it from scratch.

This one is pretty straight forward but I truly believe Centriq is quite possibly the best decision I've made in my life. It's taught me the ins and outs of code and the various languages which helps me apply all of my knowledge from various areas together to be an extremely knowldegable developer and businessman.
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