Ribbon Assets Website

During my course at Centriq I built this on the side to enable myself to freelancing. This website was very fun and it was extrememly rewarding since it is something I can continue to use for myself. It features visually pleasing and well written content along with a few advanced animation/interactions to show viewers my knowledge in the web development space, especially as it pertains to small businesses.

RibbonAssets.com homepage screenshot
RibbonAssets.com About Page Screenshot
Screenshot of the 404 error page on RibbonAssets.com

This project was made mostly with Webflow, I used there plaatform to build the website then I exported the code and uploaded it to my own server. Lastly using .htaccess I removed all .html endings from all URLs and set up the custom 404 Error page. Take a look at the full website by clicking below.

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