My Name is:
Austin Farrow

I am a full-stack developer who is eager to help build the next greatest thing. If you enjoy my portfolio feel free to reach out!

Headshot of Austin Farrow

I'm here to help you and your company grow and succeed online.

Full-Stack Web Development

Whether your current site needs some changes, or you are looking for a new site built from scratch I am here to make your dreams become reality.

Web/Graphic Design

Looking for something created just for you? Well you're in luck, I have all the tools to build a stunning website and graphics that are truly just for you!


Whether you are looking for an E-Commerce solution built from scratch or changes to a Shopify website I am here to bring your customers the best online shopping experience possible.


As an entrepreneuer and someone with marketing experience and connections I am here to look over your plans to make sure your website is able to effectively and efficiently communicate your message to your customers.

"Life always throws obstacles your way, what matters is how you react and overcome those obstacles each and every day."
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Austin Farrow / Founder and Owner, Upstacles L.L.C.

Portfolio Projects

Here's 6 of my favorite portfolio projects I'd love for you to take a look at to make sure I am a good fit for you.

Ribbon Assets Home Page Screenshot
HTML, CSS, JS, and Webflow
Ribbon Assets Website

Ribbon Assets is my own personal company, this website was very fun to create. I made sure to take time to ensure everything looked and functioned well.

Dashboard Page Screenshot of DVPRO Application During Development
DVPRO Project

This is the final project we did at Centriq. It was a group project with all 6 of us students working on various parts of the project

Medieval knight battling in front of a castle
Personal Medieval Dungeon Game

One of the first big projects we did throughout the Centriq course, this project was a fun one but it did have its challenges for sure. It was a good project to help me better use the skills we learned with C#

Coming Soon

This is a project that will be completed in due-course once we start and finish this project in the Centriq course

Home Page Hero Screenshot of StoreFront Project

This is a StoreFront project that I did at Centriq. My StoreFront is based on all types of drinks and refreshments

SAT Project Home Hero Img

This project was a group project where me and one partner worked to create an MVC application used to help schools keep track of students and enrollments.

My Classmates

Here's all of my classmates during my time at Centriq!

Catie Watson Portrait
Catie Watson
Ethan Anderson-Alexander Portrait
Ethan Anderson-Alexander
Haley Killingsworth Portrait
Haley Killingsworth
Taryn Ambrosi Portrait
Taryn Ambrosi
Thomas Walton Portrait
Thomas Walton